Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This is my first project for my viz dev class with Nino. We had to design characters and environments from the Harrison Bergeron story by Kurt Vonnegut. Below is my Harrison, his cell and a story moment. I'm still working on all of them in terms of painting and I got some excellent notes on my story moment and plan to do revisions over the winter.

For this project in BFA we had to design a parade float and parade master that had "ulterior motives". So we had to design a normal looking Parade Master and float and an evil version. It was up to us what methods they used to lure children to them so I choose puppets. The float is essentially a puppet theatre and the parade master guides children onto the float under the pretense of watching the performance then chooses a select few to turn into puppets and become apart of his theatre. Like everything else I do it is still in progress.

Heres a quick paint of a character I'm working on for BFA